Chronic Fatigue

Eat a whole foods diet of raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains and unroasted nuts and seeds.

Consume unrefined cold-pressed nut & seed oils for their essential fatty acids which help boost the immune system.

Drink large amounts of purified water and vegetable juices to flush out toxins.

Consume high amounts of fibre rich foods to relieve constipation. Apples, oatmeal, and oat bran are particularly beneficial because the fibre they contain is water soluble and binds and eliminates toxins.

Avoid sugar and other refined sweets. Use natural sweeteners like honey, sparingly.

Add sea vegetables to your diet for their high mineral content, a deficiency of which is a factor in chronic fatigue.

Do a candida cleanse as 60% of people suffering from chronic fatigue also suffer from candidiasis.

Garlic and nutritional yeast are effective against intestinal parasites, another factor relating to chronic fatigue syndrome.

Drink a glass of clean water every two waking hours to flush out toxins and encourage good general health.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, junk and processed foods, and manage stress.

CFS can also be related to food allergies or food intolerances. Use an elimination diet to determine if any food sensitivities are present. Be especially wary of wheat or other gluten foods.

Do a 1 to 3 day juice fast once a month to remove toxins.

Green drinks are especially helpful; they speed the elimination of poisons, stimulate red blood cell production, and boost your energy.

Take a daily walk in the early morning sunlight to stimulate your immune system, get vitamin D, and ward off the depression and anxiety that often attend CFS.

Do not smoke or expose yourself to second-hand smoke, as this wreaks havoc on your immune system.

Make sure to get adequate rest, and go to bed no later than 9:00pm.

Acidophilus is very helpful in improving digestion and the production of certain B vitamins in the bowel.

Also helpful are ice-cold footbaths, daily morning barefoot grass walks, alternative hot & cold showers, “salt-glow” skin rubs, and a dry friction rub with a skin brush.