We are located on the beautiful shores of the Miramichi Bay (as seen above), in New Brunswick, near its opening into the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Baie-Ste-Anne is a picturesque Acadian community. Enjoy sightings of osprey and bald eagles and seasonal walks on the beach!!

PLEASE NOTE: We have implemented Virtual Cleanses due to current situation on travel.  This is great opportunity for you to experience the cleanse program from the comport of your own home at a fraction of the regular price.   The program parallels our in house cleanses.  Virtual guests join our in house guests to share their unique cleanse experience. 

"VIRTUAL GUESTS" will be instructed in making the needed drinks and cleanse components at home and can continue on long after the virtual cleanse is finished.   

All VIRTUAL AND IN HOUSE cleanses end the morning of the last day. For example, if you are on a 3 day in house cleanse (January 27 - 30) you get 3 FULL days of cleansing and leave on the morning of the 31st. This applies to all cleanse times. All cleanses listed below contain the exact same protocol. The major difference between the 3 day Revive, and the 10 day Rebuild, is that your body has a much longer cleansing/healing time in the longer cleanse. During the 3 day Revive Cleanse, your body begins the cleansing/healing process and you can follow that up at home. On the 10 day Rebuild Cleanse, your body also goes into the cleansing/healing mode, as in the 3 day Revive, but the major difference is that your body goes even deeper into this process because of the extended duration of the cleanse.

Why so expensive for the 3-day, 4-day and 5-day cleanse programs compared to the 7 and 10-day cleanses?

We only have so many rooms available and we only do the cleanse program once a month for ten days. If you have booked a 3-day cleanse program then that room is no longer available for someone who might want the 10-day cleanse.

AT this time we are offering only Virtual Cleanses.  The 10 day and weekend cleanses are available.


Lectures and Videos

  • Educational lectures, and videos/ movies by many experts on how to treat your body using a variety of simple health-enhancing means!
  • The Effects of a Plant-Based Diet
  • The Most Overlooked Remedy For Sickness
  • The Importance of Liquid
  • Improving Brain Function
  • Increasing Nutrient Absorption
  • Controlling and Removing Stress
  • Growing Beautiful, Healthy Skin and hair
  • The effects of fasting on your entire body
  • Supercharging Your Immune System

Other Activities

  • Daily steam baths
  • Daily worships on God’s laws of health are available for cleanse guests who wish to attend them
  • Daily outdoor walks in the fresh ocean air

Program Pricing Reminder

10 day Virtual - $999.00
3-day Revive  – 
4-day Restore  –  $1950.00
5-day Repair  –  $2150.00
7-day Renew   –  $2590.00
10-day Rebuild – $2990.00
Weekend Virtual (Fri to Sun)- $500.00


Payments:  *all money paid is non-refundable*  

Submit your registration and payment below. We look forward to sharing our time with you!


Program Dates for Both on Site and Virtual Cleanses

PLEASE NOTE:  In house cleanses end the morning of the last day. For example, if you are on a 3 day cleanse (January 27 - 30) you get 3 FULL days of cleansing and leave on the morning of the 31st. This applies to all cleanse times.


3 Day Revive

Jan 16-20

Feb 13-17

Mar 13-17

April 10-14

May 8-12

June 5-9

July 3-7

July 31-Aug 4

Sep 11-15

Oct 16-20

Nov 6-10

Dec 4-8


4 Day Restore

Jan 16-21

Feb 13-18

Mar 13-18

April 10-15

May 8-13

June 5-10

July 3-8

July 31-Aug 5

Sep 11-16

Oct 16-21

Nov 6-11

Dec 4-9




5 Day Repair

Jan 16-22

Feb 13-19

Mar 13-19

April 10-16

May 8-14

June 5-11

July 3-9

July 31-Aug 6

Sep 11-17

Oct 16-22

Nov 6-12

Dec 4-10


7 Day Renew

Jan 16-24

Feb 13-21

March 13-21

April 10-18

May 8-16

June 5-13

July 3-11

July 31-Aug 8

Sept 11- 19

Oct 16-24

Nov 6-14

Dec 4-12


10 Day Virtual Cleanse

Jan 17-26

Feb 14- 23

Mar 14-23

April 11-20

May 9-18

June 6-15

July 4-13

Aug 1-10

Sept 12-21

Oct. 17-26

Nov 7--16

Dec 5- 14