Your Health

Why We Get Sick

Over ninety percent of disease can be attributed to an unhealthy digestive system. Many people suffer with inadequate nutrition and poisons collecting in their bodies. These poisons accumulate because of a gradual buildup of a coating of wastes and mucous lining the intestines and colon. This thick hard plaque leads to many problems!

Water, juice fasts and colonics are unable to remove these coatings. There are various cleansing programs that remove this coating from the colon, but for the best results, it is necessary to cleanse the stomach and small intestines as well. Programs which do this are gaining more and more prominence in North America and are helping hundreds of people without the use of colonics or enemas.

We have seen guests with various afflictions, whose health was all but lost, turn around in ten days with a whole new lease on life!

We do not diagnose or claim to heal any disease, nor do we guarantee that a person will be healed. The true success of the program will depend on the willingness of the individual to keep on the straight path to health.

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