Why Do Organs Get Sick?

There are many who misunderstand why a particular organ is giving them trouble. Let’s take the thyroid for instance. If there is a problem with your thyroid, is the thyroid the problem? This is a good question and can lead us to understand exactly what the problem really is (and it’s usually not the organ itself). When you eat something, which your stomach does not approve of, what happens? The stomach gets sick. It gets sick because what was brought into it was not good. The same thing happens in our organ tissues. What is it that we put into our organ tissues? Blood, and lots of it! If the blood is not good (which is the case with most people due to their diet and lifestyle) then the organs receiving that blood become sick, just like the stomach did. The problem was not with your stomach, it was doing its job and doing it well! But unlike the stomach, the organs usually store the poisons and eventually do not work so well. I have seen so many of my patients become well, after suffering for years with troublesome organs, just by simply making their blood healthy. I will continue this next week and give you some great tips on how to build really healthy blood,… and did I mention that the really healthy blood will build a really healthy you?