Blog: Why Do We Get Sick cont…

OK, so we want to know how to make the blood really healthy because we want the organs to be healthy. Think of it like this; you cannot support life with something dead; life only comes from life. All cooked food is dead food. This would mean that in order to make healthy blood, which contains living nutrients to feed your body’s living cells, then you would have to put living materials into you system in order that the cells could have living materials with which to rebuild and maintain themselves. If your diet contains more cooked foods than raw foods then you are not going to repair your body.

I found this article from an Indian website on raw foods that purify the blood very interesting.

Your body is a living organism and as such it needs living materials to build and maintain itself properly. There is not one animal in nature that cooks its food before it eats. Mike Anderson said that “When it comes to eating, human beings are the dumbest animals on the planet!”

Now do not panic at this point; I am not telling you to change everything overnight and become a raw food only person because if you do you will most likely fail in the attempt and go back to a mostly cooked food diet and feel really bad about yourself. Next week I am going to show you how to change your eating habits without quitting anything!