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Live Blood Analysis

Healthy blood is the key to a healthy body!

By analyzing the blood we
find areas of deficiency or stress, enabling us to help you achieve better health.


Body Cleanse Retreats

Would you like to lose weight, boost energy, and improve your well-being?

Our Cleanse Retreat Programs will give your body a fresh new start, and give you the information you need to keep your body well!


Health Tips

There are many who misunderstand why a particular organ is giving them trouble.

Let’s take the thyroid for instance. If there is a problem with your thyroid, is the thyroid the problem?

Bayside Natural Health Centre

At Bayside Natural Health Center we offer Health Retreat Programs designed to cleanse and help restore the body’s own natural healing abilities. By using Blood Analysis through clinical microscopy, we can get a view on your body’s internal health. Learn more about our Body Cleanse Retreats.


Natural Remedies for Common Diseases

Find natural remedies for some of the most common diseases including arthritis, high cholesterol and fatigue.



Browse our selection of healthy recipes including raw vegan salads, entrees, desserts, sauces & dressings.