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At Bayside Natural Health Center we offer Health Retreat Programs designed to cleanse and help restore the body’s own natural healing abilities. By using Blood Analysis through clinical microscopy, we can get a view on your body’s internal health. Learn more about our Body Cleanse Retreats.

Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis

Healthy blood is the key to a healthy body!

By analyzing the blood we find areas of deficiency or stress, enabling us to help you achieve better health.

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Body Cleanse Retreats

Body Cleanse Retreats

Would you like to lose weight, boost your energy, and improve your over all well-being?

Our Cleanse Retreat Programs will give your body a fresh new start, and give you the information you need to keep your body well!

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Health Tips

Why Do Organs Get Sick cont…

OK, so we want to know how to make the blood really healthy because we want the organs to be healthy. Think of it like this; you cannot support life with something dead; life only comes from life. All cooked food is dead food. This would mean that in order to make healthy blood, which… Continue Reading

When you have found the cause, you have found the cure.


Browse our selection of healthy recipes including raw vegan salads, raw vegan entrees, raw vegan desserts, and sauces & dressings.


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