FAQ – Live Blood Analysis

What is Live Blood Analysis?

Medical Microscopy or Live Blood Analysis is a cost-effective way to assess the state and/or dysfunction of the body’s systems and organs. This unique analysis technique has the capability of offering the doctor a quick and simple way to determine the extent of a disease process. It helps determine whether it is functional or organic, acute or chronic, mild or severe and gives a general idea as to what physiological pathway of the body requires the greatest support. This can include oxidative control, nutritional and enzyme correction and supplementation or immune support.

How is the Test Done?

Two drops of blood are taken by way of a tiny finger-prick, and then placed on two slides.  One slide is used for “live” blood analysis, and the other is used for “dry” layer analysis. The slide is then placed under a high-powered microscope which is attached to a monitor that allows you to view the blood during the analysis.

With one “live” drop of blood from the finger an enormous amount of information is available about the state of the immune system, free radical damage, weaknesses possible vitamin deficiencies, amount of toxicity, pH and mineral imbalance, areas of concern and weakness, parasites, fungus and yeast. A lot of guess work is eliminated.

The “dry” sample shows the waste by-products produced in those areas of the body not functioning as they should.

It’s unbelievably exciting to see your red and white cells moving about the platelets. It is also rewarding to see responses to nutritional changes, detoxifying and life style changes. This method of blood analysis has been used in Europe for about a century.

How Long Does it Take?

This is a very in-depth analysis which usually takes about thirty to forty-five minutes. During this time Dr. Davis will ask questions relating to diet and lifestyle, current medications or herbal supplements being used etc. Some clients find it very helpful to bring with them, a list of those things they are currently taking.

Will I Need to Take Notes During The Session?

You may wish to take notes of key points. However, you will receive pictures of the main irregularities along with detailed recommendations for correcting them.

Will it Cost a Lot For The Supplements?

We do not normally recommend a lot of supplements. Usually, any supplements recommended are for short term use while the body is correcting underlying problems. Our goal is to aid you in returning your body to a normal state of function, and we aim to achieve this through dietary and lifestyle modifications.

How Often Should I Have This Test Done?

If you follow the recommendations made, it is usually suggested to have a follow-up appointment in 6-8 weeks. At this time, you will have another in-depth analysis, and will actually be able to see the changes which have taken place at cellular level.