Costa Rica Cleanse Retreats

We are pleased to announce our brand new G.E.M. program now taking place in Costa Rica on the Nicoya Peninsula. We have not only a second location but a whole new program to go with it! Taking advantage of the location (in one of the world's 5 blue zones) we have designed a special program to help people rebalance their lives, reconnect with the small inner voice and realize their full potential and purpose.

Life is not supposed to be about being sick; it is supposed to be about fulfilling your purpose in life.

There are cleanses that rid the physical body of toxins and there are cleanses that clear the mind of toxic thoughts. To find a program which deals with both aspects of cleansing is not very common but very much needed. Our G.E.M. program reunites the innate healing power of your physical body to the brilliant healing power of your mind.


The above picture was taken on our last visit to Costa Rica and the picture does not do it justice! It is beautiful beyond description,... a real paradise with many of the most beautiful beaches we have ever seen.


If finding your true potential has eluded you; if you are confused about how to achieve your dreams or maybe you are afraid to dream; if you are not sure of the steps to take to achieve your life's purpose and have the fulfillment in life that most people only dream about...

then this program may well be the greatest thing you have ever done for yourself.



April 19 - 30

October 4 - 15

October 18 - 29